Wild Worlds Game Review

It’s almost become a cliché to say that slots are starting to look more and more like video games, but Wild Worlds takes that idea to extremes in this all action slot from Swedish team NetEnt! Take on the role of three feathered super heroes trying to rid the world of evil, and maybe you can win a heap of cash in with the bargain! With stylish visuals, cute animations and a compelling story you’ll have fun with this one regardless, but in amongst the fun can you also make yourself rich? Let’s find out in our Wild Worlds review!


This game takes a huge chunk of inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons in its design choices, borrowing the sharp simplistic visuals and kinetic anime style for a slot that could easily be a kids’ TV show. A short intro animation sets the scene, with horrible bad guys infesting various parts of the planet, and it’s your job to take your team of super powered birds to root them out wherever they hide. The action takes place in the birds’ futuristic command centre high atop a skyscraper, where the signs of chaos are visible in the distance as buildings topple and fires start while you play. The symbols are all unique, represented by different coloured jewels with the faces of your characters on them as well as the different zones you can play in, though more about that in a minute. In the background, as well as the sound effects of the action that unfolds, a bouncy techno beat keep the game ticking along.

Wild Worlds operates a cascading reels mechanic, so with each spin the combos you achieve will disappear to be replaced by new symbols cascading from the top. This can form new combos, which introduce even more symbols, creating an avalanche that can see you stack up some big wins very quickly. The highest paying symbols are the win and the wild, which both pay 100x your stake if you land five in a row, though there are a couple of bonuses hidden in the main game too: Land a combination made of symbols with one of the heroes’ faces on them and all the other hero symbols of that type which land will become wilds. These generous bonuses probably contribute to the decent RTP of 96.47%


The real action takes place in the Wild Worlds from the game’s title, different parts o f Earth that have become infested with monsters. Landing three scatters will bring up a wheel spinning game, deciding which of the worlds you’ll visit: Dark Forest, Ice World or Fire Lands. Once a world has been chosen you’ll get eight free spins, and your three heroes will face off against three ugly bad guys themed around the place you’ve been sent. Winning combinations of your heroes’ icons pay out, but they also add to the power bar above each of your heroes’ heads, causing them to attack the enemies and damage them, lowering their health bars. Once they’re down a boss monster appears with several health bars, and has to be taken down in the same manner. The aim of the game is to take out all three bad guys and the boss within the 8 avalanche spins, at which point you’ll move into the next world. On each world you also get a unique special power that aids you during your fights, such as the transforming wilds feature from the Dark Forest world.


The Wild Worlds slot game can feel more like a video game than a slot, but don’t be fooled: There are lots of opportunities to win money among the exciting action! Slick design and some inventive game modes will keep you hooked, while the cash will be your reward for a job well done. The childish theme might put some people off, but it’s a unique and inventive way of presenting a genre of slots that can suffer from a lack of new ideas at times.