Twin Happiness Game Review

Twin Happiness is a Chinese themed slot game built around the popular twin reels format, which means that you match symbols on adjacent reels rather than along paylines. This means a few mechanical differences between this and other slot games on the market, but if you’re a fan of this style of slot then you’ll be very happy with how this one plays. So is the theme enough to make this game worth a shot, or is it too similar to its rivals? Let’s take a look in our Twin Happiness review.


In terms of the visuals, Twin Happiness is a bit of a strange combination between a typical Chinese themed slot and a fruit machine that combines the traditional fruity symbols with some added Imperial Chinese icons. Nothing here is especially original, and while you may never have seen all these symbols in one place before they’re all very typical slots fare. The low value symbols are the generic 9 – A, while the more valuable symbols are a combination between fruit and Chinese style symbols like red lamps, a gold ingot and a fortune cookie. The graphics are fine but hardly mind blowing, while there aren’t all that many animations to spice it up either, and the background is an Imperial Chinese style border.

In terms of the mechanics, whether or not you’ll enjoy this game depends on your opinion of this style of slot. The twin reels type of game has become much more popular in recent years, and it certainly provides an alternative to the usual method of matching three or more symbols, but there are also a couple of issues that might put gamers off. Firstly this method of winning restricts the amount of other mechanics that you can introduce such as special symbols and wilds, and second of all it tends to mean that there are no bonus rounds. That’s the case here, but it also has some good points too. For one thing, having to match just two symbols means you get lots of wins. It also means that you can string truly huge combos together, ultimately turning the whole screen into one symbol, which can result in wins of 1000x your stake if you do it with the gold ingot. It obviously works, too, because the RTP of 96.45% is a pretty high figure.


As we already mentioned, there is no specific bonus round in this game that you can enter by landing wilds or scatters. Unfortunately this is just the nature of twin spin games like this one, so if you’re totally wedded to those extra bonus games then you’re out of luck. However, what this game does have is that twin spin feature, which means you’re going to get at least two of the reels spinning identically in each spin, but you can end up with three, four or five identical reels if you’re lucky. That’s pretty huge, as it makes landing combos that little bit easier, and it means you’ll win that much more frequently as a result.


The Twin Happiness slot game is definitely a game you’ll either love or hate. For fans of the twin spin mechanic, this game follows right on from the others in this genre in being an entertaining and engaging use of that feature, but for players who love the theme and the bonus rounds the most, this game doesn’t have much of either.