Sweety Honey Fruity Game Review

Sweety Honey Fruity is actually a lot less sweet than you were probably expecting, falling firmly under the umbrella of Imperial China inspired games rather than the candy crush type game you maybe had in your head. It’s clearly aimed squarely at the Chinese market, but there’s a universal appeal to juicy, luscious fruit, and that’s what you get here in spades. With massive payouts in the offing, there’s no harm in taking a bite out of this particular fruit, so will it be a sweet treat or a bitter taste? Let’s take a look in our Sweety Honey Fruity review.


Sweety Honey Fruity is essentially an Asian-flavoured fruit machine, combining familiar and unfamiliar fruits with the backdrop of a Chinese style arch and the iconic tiled roofs of an Imperial palace. The new fruits are the dragon fruit and the star fruit, which will be much more familiar to players in the far east, while the rest of the offerings will be well known to old school fruit machine players: Oranges, pineapples and melons. A pleasant Chinese influenced soundtrack jingles along in the background and orange versions of the generic 9 – A make up the high value symbols, while the occasional bright and flashy animation adds a bit of life to a fairly static experience: Melons full of coins and fountains of coins bursting in from off screen are fairly typical.

While the mechanics behind the game aren’t anything new, you’ll be pleased to learn about the generous payouts you could benefit from. The highest paying symbol is the Dragonfruit, which adds up to 2,000x your wager for every five you land on the reels, while even the lower value star fruit plays 200x. There’s also a wild in play, represented here by a golden Chinese symbol, which substitutes for other symbols and doubles your wins on the same line. The best news is the maximum potential jackpot, which sits at an amazing 80,000 coins, a truly life changing amount!


One thing that the Sweety Honey Fruity slot game really does bring to the table is a novel way of activating the free spins rounds, which rather than being doled out in batches by landing the scatter symbol, happens every time you land a high value combo. Five of any fruit give you five free spins, while three or more of all fruit but the dragon fruit gives you two. The dragon fruit is even more rewarding, granting you as many free spins as you land dragon fruits above two. You’ll also have all your wins doubled during the free spins round. It’s a nice way of handing you regular rewards throughout the game, and while it’s a bit harder to land free spins in this way than it is via a scatter, it means you’re not banking your whole success on one single bonus round.


Despite looking pretty generic, this slot actually manages to bring a couple of nice surprises along. Firstly, the payouts are huge, which is nice to see when games are increasingly stingy with their cash. The second is the new and interesting way of activating the bonuses, which staggers your free spins rather than giving them out in a chunk.