Spinsane Game Review

Spinsane is a strange looking game to say the least, and can’t seem to settle on a theme. That said, the visuals that are there look good and are well produced at least, and there are some pretty tasty payouts to chase even if it’s not really clear why you’re doing it in this game! There’s more than a little bit of a sports vibe to it, which might explain the wolves, but honestly we have no idea. If the thought of cash is enough to override your doubts, let’s take a look in our Spinsane review!


The graphics in this game are decent and the symbols are high definition and well drawn, but we have no idea what the theme is supposed to be about. Our best theory is that this is loosely sports themed, as many of the design elements used are reminiscent of American sports shows: particularly the curved 3D reel which looks exactly like the graphics used in Hockey and NFL, and the alarm buzzer that sounds like the end of quarter buzzer in basketball. The fonts used also seem to support this, because of the blocky and bombastic style and the flashing strobe lights that greet your wins, while the wolves could be a nod to the team names and mascots commonly used in US sports. Whatever the theme is, the animations are frenetic and exciting enough to hold your interest, while the variety and quality of the imagery lets you know that care has been taken producing the Spinsane slot game. The symbols are unique, at least, featuring wolf themed elements like wolf heads, teeth and paws as well as wolves howling at the moon.

The main game is pretty action packed, and takes place on five reels and three rows, with 27 paylines and a decent RTP of 96.26%. There also appeal to be plenty of blank spaces on the reels that take the place of low value symbols, which in one sense is disappointing, but at least they don’t waste your time with low value symbols that barely pay out. Also making up for this is the use of super symbols, which are the normal symbols but with a wolf scratch on their surface. These randomly substitute for normal symbols in this game and seriously boost your chances, taking the top paying wolf head from 50x your stake for five all the way up to 500x your stake. Alongside these symbols and the normal symbols there are the wild and scatter, represented by the W and the howling wolf respectively, the first of which substitutes for other symbols and the second of which activates the free spins bonus.


It’s a little harder to activate the bonus round in this game, requiring you to land five scatters rather than the usual three, but every scatter on top of that adds to your spins so you can start with a maximum of 30. You can add to your spins too, with every scatter that lands in the bonus round granting you an extra one, while you’re guaranteed to get one fully wild reel in every free spin. It’s simple but effective.


The weird theme aside, Spinsane is a pretty fun game that has its fair share of thrills and spills. The addition of the super symbols make this game pretty volatile, as does the generous application of free spins that can seriously boost your winnings. However, it’s hard to get over how odd this game looks, and the payouts aren’t big enough to totally make up for this.