Reel Rush 2 Game Review

Reel Rush 2 is almost so frenetic that it’s exhausting, which won’t surprise fans of the original, but the sheer volume of features can be a difficult thing to track. While the features are the main selling point of this game, the general style and design are all fun and enjoyable too, with a kind of Bejeweled-meets-Candy Crush type vibe that will keep you entertained as it rushes along at a frantic pace, whilst hopefully also lining your pockets. So is this game a rush or a flop? Let’s take a look in our Reel Rush 2 review.


The Reel Rush 2 slot game boasts a cutesy, blocky design that is a real riot of colour and immediately brings to mind those endless phone games that you play on the train to work. It’s enough to make your head spin with the way the game rushes along, and combined with the frenetic soundtrack it’s impossible not to find yourself getting sucked in. The background is a strange world of colour and shapes, with a green valley backdrop featuring mushrooms as big as trees and a strange little train that pops out of a tunnel to deliver bonuses. The symbols, meanwhile, are pretty abstract depictions of the traditional fruit icons: Saucer shaped lemons, plums and limes, rectangular pineapples and lozenge shaped oranges are among them. It sounds weird but it all fits together to create a surreal experience that seems appropriate given the speed at which the game moves, as symbols pop in and out, flash, whirr and disappear in a shower of stars.

The arrangement of the reels is also odd, and while there are five rows the symbols are arranged in a diamond pattern with the remaining symbols in the square grid blocked out. Don’t worry, unblocking these is part of the game! Doing so can boost your ways to win from 45 to a whopping 3,125, so that should be your priority! A betting range between ₹14 and ₹7366 means there are plenty of opportunities to make big wins, borne out by the generous RTP of 96.58%


The features in this game could get a review all of their own, but we’ll try to keep it simple for you. It’s worth noting that most of these are activated randomly, so it’s not like you need to memorize them all to perfect your strategy anyway! The weird little train is your best friend in this game, delivering up to three of these eight random bonuses every spin, which can range from standard wilds that substitute for other symbols to symbol upgrades and extra free spins.

Every successful combo in this game provokes a re-spin, so expect a lot of those to come your way, and you get to stack those re-spins up to five times. Not only that, but each successive re-spin removes some of the blocks until you’re playing with a full screen! Blowing up these blocks also has a separate function related to free spins: Every block grants you Super Free Spin tokens, while every two blocks grants you a Free Spins star. The Free Spins meter is on the right of the screen, while the Super Free Spins meter is on the left. Fill up the Free Spins stars and you get eight free spins, and if you have also managed to fill up the Super Free Spins bar then you get access to the Super Free Spins option, which grants you the same free spins but with a bonus multiplier.


This is one of those love/hate sort of games, and if you like the frenetic, cartoonish and fast paced style then you’ll be in heaven. The wins and bonuses come thick and fast, and the whole experience can be a bit of a confusing mess at times, but it’s undoubtedly a rush. Some gamers prefer a bit of strategy and style with their games, and that’s all a bit lacking in this one, but you can’t argue with the potential cash!