Ozzy Osbourne Game Review

Rock god turned angry old man Ozzy Osbourne is by no means the first music icon to get a slots game made about them, and in fact he’s not even the first metal artist, with Motley Crue, Motörhead and Megadeth having got there first. However, just like the real Ozzy, this slot doesn’t do anything by halves. Fans will be delighted by the care taken to create this slot, and even non fans will appreciate the originality of the design. So is this slot worthy of the Prince of Darkness, or will it have you barking at the moon? Let’s take a look in our Ozzy Osbourne review.


One thing is for sure about this slot: It’s no cheap and easy tie in. Some slots have nothing in common with their celebrity patrons beyond the name and a bit of branding, but this slot goes all out on the Ozzy theme, utilising images and licensed music to make it pop. Roaring guitars and strains of hit Mr. Crowley greet you at the first as you’re treated to a shot of Mr Osbourne on his throne, while other hits such as Bark at the Moon are utilised liberally throughout the game as you make combos. The background is suitably demonic with a glowing red fortress sitting behind the reels, while the symbols themselves are well drawn and high resolution, with unique low value symbols like ravens, roses, aces of spades and crosses alongside high value images of Ozzy himself in various poses.

This slot has a reputation for being complicated, but you certainly won’t find that in the base mechanics. Like many slots out there it’s got five reels and three rows, while the betting range is pretty generous at between ₹7 and ₹7366 per spin, with an RTP of 96.3%. This is tempered by the low prize levels in the main game, where the most valuable symbol of bat eating Ozzy gets you just 50x your stake for five. As is the case with many tie-in slots it’s the design that does the heavy lifting here, and the ripping music combined with dazzling animations certainly doesn’t let us down.


Where the Ozzy Osbourne slot game does begin to get complicated is in the bonus rounds, in which there are a lot of potential outcomes. Put simply, you’re on the lookout for skull scatter symbols. Get two of those on the reels and you activate the charge re-spin feature, which gives you a single re-spin with a potential bonus. The bonus is decided by first spinning the symbol on the top left next to the title, which determines what the bonus symbol will be. Next, the symbol on the right of the title spins to decide what the bonus you play with will be. This can be anything from turning all of the bonus symbols wild, applying a multiplier to them, upgrading the symbol or granting you a cash win. Land a scatter and a wild in the boxes and you get four free spins, or you can get these in the conventional way by landing three or more scatters.


Like many band tie-ins this slot is very much style over substance, as slot fans won’t find much to get excited about in the mechanics. The theme is very well executed, however, thanks to the great use of music and animation to bring Ozzy to life, while the mazy bonus rounds are a fun and chaotic tribute to the great man’s Prince of Darkness persona.