Narcos Game Review

Just like in video games, movie and TV tie-ins can be very hit and miss when it comes to slots, and there’s a very fine line between an inspired crossover and a tired old gimmick. Narcos is a slot based on the hit TV series of the same name, covering the rise and fall of Colombia’s most notorious and feared drug lord Pablo Escobar, but with stylish cartoonish design and eye catching graphics this game brings something new to the table. So will this game be a hit that you crave, or just a bad trip? Let’s take a look in our Narcos review.


This game aims for a cinematic feel, appropriate given that it’s licensed from a TV show, and manages to pull it off with a series of cutscenes that pull you into the action. You’re following the misadventures of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who lives in a world of gangsters, guns, fast cars and dangerous women. The game is presented in a cell shaded, cartoon style very reminiscent of fellow crime hot property Grand Theft Auto, with the types of symbols you’d expect: Guns, planes, cars, characters from the show, and Escobar himself. The low value symbols are slightly disappointingly represented by the generic 9 – A icons, dressed up with guns on them. You always feel like you’re part of the action, though, and whether it’s a shootout happening on the reels behind you, fiery explosions as you make combos, or the upbeat sound of Latin music, there’s never a dull moment.

The game is played on five reels and three rows, but offers a 243 ways to win mechanic on top of that, which combined with the generous betting range that extends from ₹7 to ₹14708 means there are some serious prizes in the offing and an RTP of 96.23%. The life of a drug lord is always on the line, and to help simulate that feeling this game packs in a lot of random features that can make or break your experience. Firstly, when wilds represented by the DEA badge land in winning combos they become walking wilds, granting you re-spins as they hop one reel to the left with every spin until they drop off the side. The drive-by feature also activates randomly, with a car zooming across the reels and shooting up random symbols, turning them into wilds.


While the base game is packed with little touches like that, there are a couple of larger bonus rounds that are sure to interest players. The first is called Locked Up, and it’s activated by landing three or more Escobar scatters. You’ll enter a prison, where only Escobar and golden suitcase symbols will land on the reels, and it’s your job to land as many golden suitcases next to each other as possible. Only the suitcases touching each other will stay on the reels in a cluster, and at the end of your free spins the ones that remain will open to reveal prizes like multipliers and cash payouts.

A second free spins round is activated by landing three or more car scatters, with the action switching this time to a shootout on the street. You’ll get ten free spins, and during the spins bullets will fly across the reels striking symbols and turning them into wilds.


The Narcos slot game is way more than just a re-skinned clone trying to cash in on a TV show, it’s a well designed and feature rich dip into the world of organised crime in slot form. Not only does the art and design look great, NetEnt have clearly thought hard about how to bring the game to life, achieved by a series of fun and stylish bonus features.