Imperial Riches Game Review

Imperial Riches is a pretty simple slot deep down, but with a very stylish veneer on top that is enough to excite even the most die hard slot skeptic. Step back into the world of Imperial China, and enjoy all that the opulent imperial palace has to offer from gold and jewels to magnificent Koi carp swimming in the fountains. It’s a peaceful place, but there’s cash to be won if you know where to look! So will you be emperor or will you be fish food? Let’s take a look in our Imperial Riches review.


We’ve already mentioned it, but it’s hard to overstate how good this slot looks. The background of the reels is a quintessentially Chinese vista of a flowering tree in the manicured imperial gardens, with pagodas flanking the screen and intricate little bridges crossing the crystal pools filled with colourful lillies. Unusually for Chinese themed games this is quite relaxing, with none of the frenetic action you’d usually expect even if there is a lot of the usual red and gold. While the low value symbols are the generic 9 – A, the high value symbols are all golden versions of everyday items in the imperial court: Cold coins, Koi carp, ornamental bamboo and fortune cookies. The soundtrack is also very soothing, bringing the slow and tranquil sounds of a Chinese folk tune to your ears.

The Imperial Riches slot game employs a cascading reels mechanic on its five reel and three row layout, so any winning combos you create are removed to allow new symbols to fall in their place. This has the potential to create an avalanche of wins and is almost like a re-spin with every turn, but it also means the betting limits aren’t huge, falling between ₹11 and ₹2206. The payouts make up for this, however, with the most valuable Koi symbol paying out 1,500x your stake for five in a row, which makes for a high RTP of 96.88%. Alongside these are the scatter and wild, represented by a red lantern and a gong respectively, the first of which substitutes for other symbols and the second of which activates the bonus game.


The bonus games are where this game starts to get more interesting, breaking with the sedate pace it has set so far. Collecting between three and five lantern scatters awards up to 30 free spins in the bonus rounds, during which time every combo that you successfully land is counted as a jewel to the left of the screen. Once the bonus round is finished then it’s off to the Koi pond, where the jewels you collected will be scattered among the shimmering fish swimming in the water. This game has two levels too, and in the first game there are two types of fish: Coin and jackpot fish. If a coin fish eats your jewel you get 15 coins, while if a rarer jackpot fish eats one, you progress into the second level. Here, coin fish pay out at 30 coins each while jackpot fish award you the jackpot marked on them if they eat a jewel.


Imperial Riches is a great looking and relaxing slot that offers a good amount of action without stressing you out on the way. It also pays well, offering the potential for big wins in the base game as well as the two-tier bonus round. The pace might be a little sedate for some, but for fans of Chinese themed slots it has to be a winner!