Grand Spinn Superpot Game Review

Slot games are all about variety and choice, so it’s great to see that developers are putting out different versions of the same game to give us even more choice when it comes to special features. Grand Spinn by NetEnt is the latest game to do this, with Grand Spinn and Grand Spinn Superpot coming out at the same time. These games are visually identical as we shall see, but the choice between a set and a progressive jackpot is a hard one! Let’s take a look at the games and see how they measure up in our Grand Spinn Superpot review


For starters this game is a fruit machine, but if that phrase conjures up images of boring symbols and samey graphics then think again! This fruit machine is as classy as they come, featuring a lush art deco style with shining gold reels and a burgundy backdrop that looks straight out of Gatsby. The symbols themselves all look great too, and while there are no surprises in the choice of traditional lemon, orange, watermelon, 7s and BAR, each one looks like an oil painting and is rendered beautifully in 3D graphics. Cute animations then set the whole thing off, as symbols flash and coins fly across the screen during wins.

The mechanics behind this game are a little different to most slots, and for a start there is only one active row with three reels, which means only one payline. This is very traditional even for a fruit machine, but don’t let it put you off because there are other clever mechanics to offset your disadvantage. One of these is simply the betting limit, which is one of the highest you’ll see on the market: between ₹14 and ₹14733 per spin, so that when you do win you can win big! The most rewarding symbol is three triple sevens across the reels, which gives you 20x your stake, but this can be upgraded using the next mechanic, the nudge. While only one row is active there are three visible rows like a normal fruit machine, and if you match two winning symbols but lack a third one, the third will nudge down onto your reels if it happened to land on the row above. Not only that, but if there happens to be another of the same symbol above that then it will keep nudging until you run out of matching symbols. This means you can keep winning the same amount over and over again, making up for the lack of paylines! That’s where the pretty high RTP of 96.21% comes from!


The only real difference between the two games is the jackpot bonuses, which you can win by landing three jackpot symbols in your reels (or to have them nudge into your reels). The symbol is a red diamond with Mini, Maxi or Mega on it, corresponding to jackpots of 40x, 200x and 10,000x your stake respectively. You can land any combination of these symbols on a reel to win a jackpot, but sadly the game only pays out the lowest value symbol you land, so you’re gunning for three megas! Where the Grand Spin Superpot slot game differs is in the highest jackpot, which in that game is progressive rather than fixed, meaning it could be much higher or much lower depending on the casino. The minimum amount won is ₹36,833, while the maximum win is effectively unlimited, so check before you play.


This slot is a good looking and fresh take on the good old fruit machine genre, with a couple of interesting mechanics to make the main game more interesting. There can be a feeling that the rest of the game is just filler when you really want to activate the jackpots, but you won’t care if you do manage to hit the big time!