Finn’s Golden Tavern Game Review

Cheery Irish leprechaun Finn is back for another game utilising the swirly spin mechanic which made the original famous. Here, Finn has bought himself a tavern, but he’s here again to help you navigate the swirl and win yourself some cash! Finn’s Golden Tavern is a colourful, Disney-inspired slot adventure that you’ll love if you want more or the swirly spin feature from the first game, and is pretty fun to play even if you don’t care much about the mechanic. So is there a pot of gold on offer here, or will you get barred? Let’s take a look in our Finn’s Golden Tavern review.


If you’re not familiar with the swirly spin mechanic, it’s similar to a traditional cascading reels slot except that the symbols cascade in a spiral towards the centre of the reels rather than to the bottom. The graphics are extremely cutesy in this game, clearly taking inspiration from Disney animation to the point that you expect the jugs and bottles to start singing as they spin. It looks great, however, and from the dark tavern table strewn with melted candles and beer mats to the well rendered 3D symbols, there’s nothing to complain about here! Finn himself is incredibly annoying however, so you may want to turn off the sound.

The main thing to talk about with regards to the game mechanics is the swirly spin, which we’ve already explained, and is very similar to its last outing in Finn and the Swirly Spin. While they look different, all of the various mugs, jugs and flasks acting as symbols pay the same, so you’ll get 5x your stake for every three identical symbols you match across and vertically. There are also coins to collect worth the stated value embossed on the side, while a star with an eyepatch functions as the wild. The maximum possible win in the base game is 1,000x your stake, which gets really interesting when you remember that the betting limits stretch from ₹7 to ₹36,888, so there are potentially massive wins on offer if you bet big. This is reflected in the generous RTP of 96.1%


The objective in games that operate a swirly spin mechanic is usually to move a symbol into the centre of the board, which is exactly the case here. In the first Finn it was a key, and this time it’s a transparent treasure chest filled with magic. Getting the chest to the middle generates five free spins, during which every combo involving wilds that you match will add to the multiplier you win from the spin, displayed in the compass to the left of the reels. If you manage to get the chest to the centre again during your free spins, the magic will turn all of the low value symbols on the board into coins. That’s actually it for features, and compared to the first Finn it’s a little sparse, but at the same time it’s less complicated so you can focus on the game more easily.


For fans of the original or other swirly spin games, the Finn’s Golden Tavern slot game is likely to appeal as it’s just more of the same. The graphics and the imagery has been changed and freshened up, but the mechanics are very similar even though some of the extra features have been removed. There’s not much here to appeal to high rollers, but it’s fun for casual gamers and accessible for low rollers too.