Cash-O-Matic Game Review

Who wouldn’t want a cash machine? And by that we don’t mean an ATM, but a machine that literally makes cash for you? Well we’ve found one, in Cash-O-Matic. This fun and quirky title plays like you’re operating the invention of some Victorian mad scientist, but you won’t mind when all the money starts to roll in! The repetitive rhythm and jangly music can get annoying after a while, but will you be rolling in the dough or does this contraption have a screw loose? Let’s take a look in our Cash-O-Matic review.


The Cash-O-Matic slot machine takes a clear and obvious inspiration from Steampunk, with every element of its design looking like a readout from some elegant old invention, perfectly picked out in brass. It’s a very nicely designed machine, with carved golden detailing on every surface and bold old-style fonts everywhere, but we might go so far as to say that it’s a little dull in comparison to the frenetic energy that many modern slots bring to the table. The symbols are a little dull too, mixing generic 9 – A icons with different coloured jewels to differentiate between the high and low value symbols. The soundtrack is another positive, however, a repetitive but fun and bouncy rag-time number that fits nicely with the 1920s aesthetic.

Mechanically there are a few things to get excited about. For starters this game employs a cascading reels mechanic, which means winning combos are removed and replaced by new symbols that tumble onto the reels from above. Set on a five reel, four row grid this game also boasts 1,024 ways to win and an impressive betting range between ₹14 and ₹29,416, so there are options for high and low rollers alike. The RTP comes out at 96.33% which is just above average, indicating a decent chance of hitting the big time!


There aren’t really distinct bonus rounds in Cash-O-Matic because everything is contained within the main game, but there are definitely bonus features in play. One such feature is the multiplier, which goes up with each complete row of matching symbols that you land, with four complete rows on the bounce landing you with an amazing 10x multiplier. Similarly, the free spins round is activated in the main game too, with each stacked scatter symbol you land in a row granting you one extra free spin to the point where you can start with 20 free spins. This not only affects how many spins you get, but how high the multiplier is too. If you landed up to 14 scatters you can expect a multiplier of up to 20x, where as landing 20 or more scatters boosts that figure up to 50x!


Cash-O-Matic is an interesting slot, but you get the feeling that it’s a bit limited and that you have seen all the features pretty early on. Also, with a maximum payout of 2000x your stake, the lack of a massive jackpot may be a put off to some players as well. However, the bonuses come thick and fast, so you’ll be entertained regardless.