Butterfly Staxx 2 Game Review

Slot games may have a reputation for flashing lights, loud noises and non-stop action, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not all players are the adrenaline fuelled type, and there are many who just want to relax while they spin the reels and rack up the cash. If that’s you, then Butterfly Staxx 2 should be right up your alley. With calming visuals and relaxing music the order of the day as you try to collect lovely butterflies, what could be more soothing? So is this game the perfect lullaby, or does it put you to sleep? Let’s take a look in our Butterfly Staxx 2 review.


Butterfly Staxx 2 certainly looks the part, and delivers handsomely on the graphics and design part of the equation: The background is a misty, mysterious garden coated in vines and flowering lotus plants. This is where the beautiful, glowing butterflies live. Unfortunately the low value symbols here are the generic 9 – A picked out in green, but things get a bit more interesting when we move into the higher value symbols that are represented by a series of colourful flowers in red, blue and purple. The highest value symbol is the glowing, golden butterfly that is worth 2x your stake for five on a payline.

If you did a double take on that, we’ll reassure you that this is accurate: Butterfly Staxx 2 isn’t exactly the best payer. The maximum payout of 240x your stake is worse than the lowest value combos in some other games, so high rollers should look away now, but there is a reason for this: The betting range goes from ₹11 to a staggering ₹91,926 per spin, so even low payouts like that can be rewarding at the high end, reflected in the decent RTP of 96.35%. With five reels and four rows, this game does have one interesting feature that’s in the name: Land a full stack of butterflies on a single reel and that stack will fly to the left reel and you get re-spins which continue until no more butterflies land. Manage to land a second stack during this period and a whole new window of reels will open, allowing you to play on two sets at once. This means you can keep accumulating butterfly stacks on the first window, while landing more on the second window with a chance of opening a third! This means, effectively, a 3x multiplier on each spin.


That’s a big enough bonus already, but on top of the re-spins this game comes with a separate bonus round complete with free spins! Landing rose scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 opens up the choice of two bonus rounds: The first opens up all three re-spin windows and fills the reels with cocoons, which can open to reveal butterflies with each spin. This is basically a re-run of the re-spins round, but only butterflies can appear. The second option is a ‘pick and win’ style game where you must catch flying butterflies to reveal cash prizes or multiplier bonuses.


The Butterfly Staxx 2 slot game is a step back from the mad, flashy world of slots that moves at a gentler pace. There’s no getting around the fact that the payouts are pretty mediocre unless you’re willing to bet really big, but the bonus rounds are fun and varied enough to keep you playing anyway. Not a game for the high rollers, but engaging and soothing for casual players.