Arcane Reel Chaos Game Review

With so many samey slots doing the rounds these days you get bonus points just for originality, which is certainly something that NetEnt brings in Arcane Reel Chaos. This weird gothic superhero game sets you against an evil super-villain for control of a city ravaged by magical destruction, and you’ll need all of your team’s combined powers to defeat your foe! With great visuals, a fun plot and some good prizes, could this game be the hero that you need? Let’s take a look in our Arcane Reel Chaos review.


There are some seriously spooky things going on in this city, and it’s all thanks to no-good villain Deep Pockets, the sorcerer responsible for all the destruction you see on the screen. Behind the reels is the ruined cathedral where the battles take place, with broken stained glass and shattered bells strewn around the floor along with fallen bricks and dead leaves. The background is impressive but rather static, though it does look fantastic when lit by all the action that takes place on the reels, glowing orange with fire or green with psychic energy. All the symbols are represented by playing cards here, and while the low value ones are rather dull beige representations of the 9 – A symbols, the higher value symbols are fantastically detailed depictions of the heroes and villains of this slot: A cast of four heroes, and the bald, grinning bad guy.

The big news in this game is the random effects that you have at your disposal, with the hero characters using their powers on any spin to change the odds in your favour. These are greeted by some stunning looking animations to depict their powers, and include granting you two reels of stacked wilds, up to five random wilds, a multiplier up to 5x, or re-spinning the reels until a winning combo occurs while adding to a multiplier with each spin. This both looks great and adds some excellent colour to the game, really making you feel part of a battle between good and evil. Underneath all this the setup is fairly simple, with 5 reels and three rows, boasting 20 paylines and a betting range between ₹14 and ₹14708. This all adds up to a high RTP of 96.81%, well worth playing for!


We love a game that has bonuses both in and out of the main game, so we’re delighted to report that there’s also a free spins round for you to sink your teeth into! Land three or more scatters to activate the bonus, which will see your team up against Deep Pockets in battle, with your player on the left and the bad guy on the right of the reels. Every successful combo in the free spins damages Deep Pockets while every losing spin damages your character, while defeating Deep Pockets moves you onto the next level, swapping out your character for the next hero in line and bringing the villain back with even more hit points! Don’t worry though, each level gives you a higher multiplier to play with up to 4x, and if you manage to defeat Deep Pockets with all four heroes you get a special victory bonus!


The Arcane Reel Chaos slot game is an impressive, inventive slot that combines exciting and original visuals with a fun and engaging theme, while also packing in plenty of unique bonus features and some great cash prizes too. This really is something new, and well worth a play by anyone who loves slots!