Cricket Tips

For those looking to find the best cricket tips available, they can feel safe in the knowledge they are in the right place as CricketBetting-Tips strive to provide readers with all the best bits of information they need.

Whether an advanced player or a beginner looking to hold a cricket bat for the very first time, we aim to bring to our readers everything they need to know about the sport as although playing the game can look as simply as bowling a ball down a pitch and hitting it as hard as you can with the bat, there is simply so much more about the game that needs to be understood.

Of course, in regards to bowling there are so many different things that need to be considered, whilst actually bowling the ball can be done in so many different ways. CricketBetting-Tips will look to teach readers with some of the best cricket tips that their team have learnt and found, including how to bowl the perfect googly, the perfect yorker and where to simply place your fingers on the ball depending on the style of ball wished to be delivered.

Cricket Position Tips

Additionally, there are a number of different positions in cricket which can make it rather hard to understand and follow, regardless of if you are a novice to cricket or an advanced player/avid watcher. Although there are some positions that are rather basic to understand, such as the wicket-keeper and their slips, positions such as long-on and third-man might seem a little confusing to some.

Taking up a role as a batter can be as equally as confusing such as where to stand and how to hold the bat correctly, which is why we have continued to provide readers with the best articles outlining the best cricket tips that we have come across.

With the articles we continue to produce, we believe your number one place for the best cricket tips is CricketBetting-Tips.

How To Hold A Cricket Bat

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