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80 Free Spins + Money Back Every Bet

Play Ojo Casino Review

Play Ojo aims to be one of the best online casinos with regular promotions set to entice new customers and reward existing customers in equal measure. It has a range of games and promises to offer the best returns on the casino market, making fairness the centre of their website.


One great aspect of is the portability that the website offers you, its users. Their website has been designed in order to work equally well on phones, tablets or computers. Being accessible to those on the move is a huge draw for many people who spend much of their lives ‘to-ing’ and ‘fro-ing’ between work and home, and Play Ojo ensures that you do not miss out on a single spin because of it.

Club Ojo VIP

Like many other online casinos, Play Ojo offers a VIP scheme; Club Ojo. Unlike other sites, however, there is no deposit minimum, and the scheme is based solely on the loyalty of PlayOjo customers. The reward scheme consists of a smile-meter, which fills as you get closer to progressing further up the levels in club Ojo. No matter whether you bet daily, weekly, or once a year, your level will never decrease, meaning that the only way is up, which in turn offers you increasingly better rewards. This is a fantastic scheme and a major reason that prospective bettors should consider Play Ojo as their new home of betting.

The Ojo Wheel

Every few levels you increase through the VIP scheme, you are rewarded with a spin of the Ojo Wheel. Play Ojo offers three wheels to pick from. ‘Wheely Easy’, ‘The Wheel Deal’ and ‘Are you for wheel!!?’. The Wheely Easy option means that you are guaranteed to win free spins, although the reward may be less than on the other two wheels, which are more hit and miss.

The Wheel Deal introduces a skull on some areas of the wheel. Hitting the skull will mean that you, unfortunately, win nothing. Although the rewards are bigger, the skull means that there is a greater risk of walking away empty-handed.

The biggest and most dangerous wheel is “are you for wheel”. The rewards available on this wheel are far bigger than on the other two wheels, but there are also far more skulls to try and navigate. It makes it a far greater thrill to win, but also offers a far greater chance of gaining nothing, which means that it is for the most thrill-seeking customers.

Customer Service

The customer is at the centre of everything which PlayOjo do. They offer a wide range of payment gateways, including PayPal, Mastercard and swift, which make sure that your money arrives where it should be when it should be. Alongside a comprehensive set of FAQs, they also offer an email service as well as an online chat which is there to assist you 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, Play Ojo has your back.

Overall, PlayOjo represents a fantastic betting option, due to the fact that it aims to revolve around each individual customer, offering great benefits to anyone who joins their betting family.