Sports Betting

Do you think you know about cricket? Or maybe you have a better idea than others who will possibly win the next World T20? You can make the most of your knowledge and prediction skills through online cricket betting. Teams these days play cricket almost throughout the year. It gives you enough chances to make a significant amount of money if you place your bets accurately. But there are a few things you need to look out for before betting on cricket. It is essential to remember the rules and regulations before betting.

Cricket betting odds

No matter on which sport you bet, you will find specific odds for different matches. But how do cricket betting odds work? Let’s find out.

Suppose India play England in a 50-over day-night game at Lords. The odds of the match favour India. You check the online cricket betting website and find that the odd is 1.67 for India to win the game. It means England has a better chance of winning the game. That is why the odds are slightly in favour of India. If India has more chances of winning the match, the odds may have favoured England.

Understanding the probability of the team that can win the match is crucial. 1.67 means England has approximately 59.88% chances of winning. Since you get more money on placing a bet on favourable odds, you put β‚Ή100 on India. It means if India wins the game, your total earning will be β‚Ή167 and your profit β‚Ή67.

Different betting options

Online cricket betting is not just about who wins or loses the game. Many other betting options make the game more interesting for gamblers. Some of the betting options that you can profit from are as follows:

  • Leading wicket-taker in the match
  • Leading run-scorer in the game
  • Match outcome
  • Number of boundaries
  • Number of sixes
  • Winner of the series

Cricket betting strategy

You need to have different approaches in cricket betting if you want to make more money. The first thing you should keep in mind is the format of the game. Is it a T20 game, a 50-over day-night match, or a 5-day test match? Your betting strategy may change according to the format. Apart from the format, here are a few things to look out for:

  • Ground conditions – are their chances of rain later, will there be due at night, is there enough air to swing the ball. These are a few things that you should research way before you place your bet.
  • Ground history – what is the history of the ground? Does it favour the team batting first or second?
  • Player and team form – is it going to be a similar contest or a complete whitewash of one of the teams? You can also analyze the game after the toss because it can turn the game on its heads.

Remembering these things will help you bet wisely. Cricket betting is comparatively more straightforward and more predictable than other sports. Make the most of these tips on your next game.